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Let me start by saying woooh! What a crazy weekend that was…not just crazy but extremely random and fun might I add thanks to team-mates and friends that graced the day. A simple training day turned into a swimming afternoon and a party night, talk of things falling in place one after another and mark you, we had no swimming costumes, we just rocked our underwear and sport bras to the pool and we looked fab. (I hope so!)

I take a look around and it got me thinking about how we take so many things for granted. Last week I took up the gratitude challenge and managed to do 5 day of positivity and realized I am thankful for just the same things, I did not broaden my thinking. So here I say, if I have met you and we had a blast, thank you for your time.

So on the night out, after a couple of bottles of vodka we hit the party scene. Oh how we danced the night away and since I am now single (I might have forgotten to tell you that, it is now about three weeks) I loved all the attention, and I picked out one fellow (ken, is his name) from the pack of dogs in that club. I might add I picked a handsome one, looks like the drink doesn’t deceive my vision much.

All in all, Ken though a good guy, was not going anywhere with me, what I mean is, that our friendship would be short lived, I was not looking for a eternity friendship, those few moments did enough for me, but I left him a souvenir. Just guess what it was …you would laugh your head off!

To make the story short, it has come a time when I need not someone to be my companion. I do not need a dude at the club, or the game or any place actually. If myself please me, and I fulfil myself, THAT IS ALL I NEED. But let me tell a little about the guys that you are most likely to be fooled by.

The Athlete

Ever heard of the Kemboi story at a club with a young lady, am sure she thought she was the one for him. The dream and fantasies (Boston, London, all the countries he travels too) that were in her mind must have overtaken her reality (am just saying) not just her but many at times us (plus size) girls are led a stray by the obvious. I always go like “Girl please, He don’t love you” but do we ever listen?
This kind have a way with us…regardless of the sport, they will always deceive, they are sly men (most). It might be the physic or just the money or is it the popularity? You will never miss us ogling and dying to have him take us out. Proof; lets go to Nakuru this weekend, we can testify from there…am not suggesting anything!
They never want anything more than a good scoop, to bad for you if you get pregnant.

The Pop star

These ones like the skinny type that would have to make a statement wherever they go. It would be unfortunate (maybe a little bit fortunate) if they are real gentlemen who genuinely fall for women regardless of size (especially plus size). Problem is they would seldom expose you. They feel the need for model kind of girls and I assure you not much of them last (Nick and Mariah for example). Girl do not bother yourself with this kind of man, if you’re plus size, beautiful and confident, do not stoop to his level.

The Club Guy

They often say the bottle guides him, therefore if he falls for you when he is intoxicated than you know, he is a NO NO!!!
I think that picking up a guy from the club (from experience) is the worst thing ever. Reason is, he will only want to meet you in the club; your date will be club oriented and you will talk about nothing except going to the club. Do you really want that, plus size girl. He will lower your self-esteem and make you feel like nothing rather than a club girl, which you are not.
Instead, meet the guy at the club, make him buy you and your pals drinks, have fun with your girlfriends and when home time comes and he is like, “Baby lets go home,” you just turn around and laugh it off, say goodbye and give him your number so he can remember the girl that turned him down.

Those are the three kind of people, I think, that can really mess up with a plus size girls mind, but remember ladies…you are Phat and Fab…. let no one tell you any different!


kenya traders want chinese traders to go home

Small and medium scale traders yesterday marched to the Prime Minister’s office to protest their losses caused by an influx of Chinese retail traders in Kenya.
The traders held a procession from their business premises in Eastleigh to the premier and then to parliament to present petitions on their grievances, caused by the Chinese.
The petition that is drafted by the Kenya World Wide Importers and Traders Association (KWITA) on behalf of the trader’s states that the Chinese traders are bringing unnecessary competition by importing goods from their country that would otherwise be sold by the Kenyan traders.
KWITA representative Ben Mutahi said that the livelihoods of the Kenyan traders were being threatened by the many Chinese business men.
“We want them to come as investors not as small scale farmers. We are not enemies with the Chinese, but we will not allow this if it is not a government policy. ,” said Mr Mutahi.
The petition further states that the negligence of the Kenya Immigration Ministry has led to an alarming rate of Chinese flowing into the country to do import and retail trade, that will lead to mass unemployment of young Kenyans.
Mr Silas Kibiku a mobile accessories supplier insisted that the Chinese should not be allowed to trade as retailers but instead trade only as suppliers.
Mr Kibiku added that it is unfair that the Kenyan government allows the Chinese to hawk in the streets yet Kenyan traders cannot do the same in China.
“They are hurting us and yet they have no work permits. They supply us with goods and retail them to our customers. Who will we sell to then,” Said Mr Kibiku.
The Kenya traders also complained to the Chinese government on their laxity to issue visas of not more than two weeks to them, allowing them to visit China and get products to sell to Kenyans.
They insisted that the Chinese are reluctant to give Kenyan traders visas so as to provide an avenue for the Chinese traders to come to Kenya and sell their products at a cheaper price.
George Ngugi an electronics trader said that in the past he would be given a visa for not less than six months to do his business, but now he is limited to 14 days.
“The government should ensure foreigners do not do the same work as Kenyans, or else we will be jobless. I need at least 21 days in China to equip myself sufficiently for my business to be fruitful, “concluded Mr Ngugi.
The protesters were addressed by the Dujis Member of Parliament Adan Duale, Ikolomani MP Bonny Khalwale and Nominated Member of Parliament Amina Abdala at the parliament buildings.
Mr Duale said that he had already petitioned the Trade Minister Moses Wetangula on the issue and a discussion on solutions will take place in not less than 5 days.
“We have asked the minister to bring the Chinese to parliament. We should protect our small business people. We cannot allow the Chinese to do our jobs,” said Mr Duale.
Mr Khalwale insisted that the Chinese should only do the jobs that the Kenyans cannot do whereas Ms Abdala emphasized the importance of protecting the small industry against foreigners.
The traders have given the immigration ministry seven days to issue a comprehensive response or they will stage a mass demonstration and take legal action on the Chinese.

Presidential aspirant talks to farmers

Presidential Aspirant Martha Karua urged farmers to practice investment and innovation in farming practices to generate increased food security for the country.
The aspirant that had launched Food Security as one of her Six Policy Pillars in her bid for the presidency seat said that the Government should protect the farmers from inflation and losses caused by weather changes to ensure that there is minimum wastage and increased production.
The Gichugu MP added that Kenya has failed to reach its desired potential as a world agriculture producer because of high costs on farm inputs and climate change.
“The effects of climate change demand that we shift from our dependence on rain-fed agriculture, as it is unsustainable. We need to change our practices,” Ms Karua said.
Ms Karua urged the farmers of Trans Nzoia County to focus on the export market to get better returns and asked stake holders to provide sustainable market-based solutions in order to attract more people into investing in agriculture.
The Aspirant that toured Kachibora, Sibanga, Moi’s Bridge, MaliSaba among other places in the county said that Kenya needs to compete with the world’s top producers of agricultural and food commodities, to achieve its greatest potential as a leading agriculture producing nation.
“The United States of America, France and Netherlands remain top exporters of agricultural produce. We must borrow their best practices and benchmark with them or else we will become more food insecure as our population grows,” Ms Karua said.
The Narc-Kenya leader that is also set to take her campaigns to Turkana and Pokot counties this week said that she seeks to ensure access to quality food and nutrition for all Kenyans.
The Aspirant concluded by stating that her campaign was of discussing issues and solutions for Kenyans and not of dishing out cash.

Equity Leadership Congress

African leaders in politics and business are set to grace the annual equity leadership congress to give leaderships tips to the young people of Kenya.
The 12 day congress will see the top students in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) being addressed and mentored by presidents of African countries as well as business tycoons on leadership.
According to Philemon Kibiru, Senior programme manager Equity Group Foundation, the purpose of the congress is to give better clarity of what leadership is to the younger generation
“We are providing a platform for the students to interact with their leadership icons. We want the leaders of tomorrow to start leading in their schools today. We want more confident and trained leaders,” Mr Kibiru said.
The congress that began in 2010, consists of the wings to fly scholars and Pre university scholars, and is set to host more than 4000 students from across Kenya this year.
Mr Kibiru added that the number of wings to fly scholars in leadership training had increased from 165 in 2010 to 2144 in 2012 and a significant increase also noted in the Pre university scholars.
Lone Felix Pre University 2009 said that he attends the congress to meet people he considers role models.
The former student of Goseta Secondary school in Trans Nzioia district said that because of being mentored by former Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (KACC) Director PLO Lumumba at last year’s congress, he formed a mentoring group and a youth for integrity initiative.
“It was a life time opportunity to interact with PLO Lumumba, his speech on going back to the caves has been my driving force. It is not every young person who gets to sit next to a prime minister and president and be adviced by them,” Mr Felix said.
The Kenyatta University law student said that the congress has exposed him to local and international leadership strategies and ideas.
Ms Felistus Muteti an Alliance Girls High School student said that she hopes to improve her performance in school after the congress.
The form two student from Mboni East district, said she desires to see her role model Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, to teach her on how to gain confidence and courage.
“I hope the congress will help me gain my self-esteem in my academics. I then will be a leader by helping others improve their performance,” Ms Muteti concluded.
The congress that will take place at Kenyatta University Ampi-theatre will be graced by among others, Former Botswana President Fest-us Mogae, Education Minister Mutula Kilonzo, Minister for Higher Education Margaret Kamar, Group CEO- Bidco company Vimal Shah, Managing director Gina-Din Corporate Communication, Gina Din Kariuki.

pnu say come to all applicants who want their ticket

The Party of National Unity (PNU) is set to receive aspirants who want to vie for electoral posts in the general election on the party’s ticket.
The acting PNU Chairman Gideon Konchella yesterday said that the party is ready to receive application forms of nominees from next week.
The chairman addressed the press as he received the nomination application of Kajiado North Aspirant Solomon Kinyanjui at the PNU headquarters.
“We are appealing to those who want to stand through the party. We are not locking out anybody, “Mr Konchella said.
The Kilgoris MP said that apart from Mr Kinyanjui, others expected to provide their applications for the Kajiado North seat include Anthony ole Keen the son of former MP John Keen, Wakaba Henry and Ng’ang’a Moturi.
“This is not an approval. The PNU election board will determine the nomination date and the people of Kajiado North will decide who takes it.We are using democracy,” concluded Mr Konchella.
Mr Kinyanjui, who lost to the late Prof George Saitoti in the 2007 election under a KANU ticket, presented his application form, party membership card, copies of his certificate of good conduct, Kenya Revenue Authority tax clearance and Higher Education Loans Board clearance.
The aspirant said that his campaign for the Kajiado North seat begins for the by election and would end after the general election in Mach of 2013.
“This is an opportunity to finish the works of George Saitoti. Though the period left for the 10th parliament is short, it is unfair for the Kajiado north people to be unrepresented when bills and laws are being made and passed,” Mr Kinyanjui said.
The aspirant said that he plans to work on the biggest challenge of Kajiado north; clanism and not tribalism.
“My tribe may be the majority in the area but I do not feel it favours me.I am ready for the battle. I will not hurl an insult at anyone. I want to bring peaceful coexistence,” Mr Kinyanjui added.
Mr Kinyanjui who moved from The National Alliance (TNA) party to PNU said that he preferred his new party because he is treated right and equal opportunities are given to all.

the city council and traders at uhuru and central park

The city council of Nairobi yesterday said that the Uhuru and Central park traders are the cause of the degradation and high insecurity in the parks.

Mr Wilfred Marube, the chief public relations officer of the council said that the traders breached the agreement of the work permit when they indulged in activities that led to the depletion of the parks value to the public.

“Every work permit and licenses has terms and conditions that must be adhered to when operating a business. These traders have breached the terms and therefore forcing us to revoke their licenses.” Mr Marube said.

The traders were issued with a withdrawal of permits notice on Wednesday July 25, 2012 from the Director of Environment, which required them to seize their operations from Monday July 30, 2012.

The notice further states that alarming levels of degradation, loss of order, high and rising levels of insecurity all attributed to trading activities are the cause of the withdrawal of permits.

One of the traders however termed the move by the council as unfair and unjust, siting that they should not suffer for the councils failed works.

“We have paid to work here, how then can we be involved in these insecurity issues. If there is disorder it is the council that should bring order, they should also bring security and not involve us, “the traders said.

Documents provided by the trader, show that each trader has paid at least six thousand shillings to acquire the City council of Nairobi Business permit and the Department of environment clearance certificate for issuance of a trading license, to operate within Central and Uhuru Park.

The traders responded to the notice through a letter addressed to the Director of Environment that expressed their grievances to the issue.

“We have gone to seek audience with the director, but they always say she is in a meeting. We are still waiting for the response, before we plan our demonstration,” the trader said.

The notice given to the traders further states that “the withdrawal of permits will give the council an opportunity to develop a framework where traders will be able to do their activities without compromising the primary purpose of the exceptional recreational grounds.”

“The traders turned the park to a business premises whereas its objective is to provide recreational facilities,” Mr Marube concluded.

The park traders sent off by the council include photographers, soda and confectioneries, ice cream venders, swings and bouncing castle operators.

kenya politicians should be vetted.

The Kenya Human Rights Commission insisted that aspirants of elective public office should be investigated and cleared by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission before their names appear in the ballot papers.
The commission said they are expecting Constitution legislations to establish a proper vetting system in accordance with Article 10 on Nation Values and Principles and Chapter six of the Constitution.
According to the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) the vetting system would ensure that a candidate presents ten certificates or letters of clearance to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to be allowed to run for office.
Atsango Chesoni, Executive Director KHRC, said the purpose is to ensure a free and fair election, integrity of the leaders and adhering to the leadership and integrity bill.
“We have narrowed the fundamental vetting principles to a ten point clearance check-list. It must be met by aspiring individuals. We do not want Kenyans to feel nervous after every five years,” said Ms Chesoni.
The check list states that all aspirants must be tax compliant, have a certificate from the Ethics and Anti-corruption commission, clearance from the National Intelligence Service and a clearance letter from the chief registrar of the judiciary.
“We ask an aspiring clerk or judge whether they have cleared their Higher Education loan, for a certificate of good conduct, but someone who wants to hold the country in their palm we ask nothing. Infact, they should have more strict standards,” said Atsango.
The KHRC has partnered with other civil society groups as well as the Law society of Kenya (LSK) and the IEBC to ensure the list is adhered to by all aspirants.
Collins Odhiambo, Deputy Secretary parliamentary affairs and legislation LSK, said LSK would investigate acquisitive information provided to them on aspirants and take them to court if information is found credible.
“We want to raise the bar of sanity of election, people we feel do not meet the ten check criteria are disgracing the electioneer process and we will take court action, said Mr Odhiambo.
KHRC further stated that they are compiling a profile of aspirants that have been mentioned severely in official and state records for corruption and lack of integrity while in office.
Ms Chesoni said that the list of shame of names was obtained from various government commissions formed in the past to investigate allegations against the aspirants.
“As a nation we stand condemned, the list of shame was given with recommendations and action to take, but we did nothing. However, the list shows we are not starting from zero,” said Ms Chesoni.
The commission that was addressing the press at the launch of the Electoral Process Monitoring Centre in their offices said that chapter six of the constitution states that the conduct of state officials must honor the state.